A mother spots a small ball of fur near her dog’s bed. She continues her investigation and sees two eyes appear.

We have all experienced the startle of fear when an object suddenly comes to life. That’s what happened to mom Cheyenne Benzo, who had a big surprise at home.

It’s a wonderful story with a happy ending.

Cheyenne Benzo was at home with her daughter and her dog Sheldon when she suddenly noticed something strange in the house. On the floor, near Sheldon’s litter, was a ball of fur.


“It’s a fur tornado. I’m used to him shedding his fur in all sorts of places,” said the owner to The Dodo.

However, this tuft of fur had something special about it. It was much denser than usual, and suddenly, it started moving.

Cheyenne’s Big Surprise Cheyenne explains that she was first surprised, then she crouched down with a flashlight to examine the creature more closely. That’s when she realized it had eyes.

To her great surprise, she discovered that what she had initially taken for an ordinary ball of fur was actually a little green tree frog whose sticky exterior had attracted a lot of Sheldon’s fur, to the point where it couldn’t even jump properly.

“He let me pluck a few hairs before attempting to jump again, but the poor little guy was struggling. So, I had to pick him up and rinse him off with water. He was extremely calm and let me wash him without protesting,” Cheyenne Benzo recounts.

“Glad I could show my daughter” Once the frog returned to its original state, the mom showed it to her 8-month-old daughter. Together, they took the lost creature to a nearby stream.

The frog sat for a long time in the grass under a hibiscus bush, enjoying its newfound freedom.

“I’m glad I could show my daughter how to help and take care of all kinds of creatures. She really enjoyed taking it out and letting it go free in nature. I will encourage this behavior in the future,” said her mother Cheyenne.

Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling to help an animal in need. Being able to teach a child how to care for animals and nature is worth its weight in gold. Thank you for this beautiful story!

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